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Long-Term Drug Rehab in Orlando, Florida

Long-term drug rehab in Orlando is a program that offers rehab for not less than ninety, but as long as 3 to 4 months in some cases based on the facility of choice. Long-term drug rehabs in Orlando, Florida are the favored option if this choice can be chosen, because success rates prove that men and women benefit from the intensity of rehab and exclusive environment supplied in long-term centers. Programs which provide short-term rehabilitation, thirty days or fewer, are usually only able to help those overcome physical obstacles when they first refrain from alcohol and drugs. This is the tip of the iceberg, and individuals who only go so far as to address physical issues have just as good of a chance at relapsing as somebody who never made it rehab.

No one should risk this happening to them, especially if they made the effort to make it to rehabilitation and want this to be a successful and fruitful venture. The final goal is always to keep sustain the abstinence they achieve in rehabilitation, so individuals should steel themselves for what it will take to do this which won't necessarily be easy or fast. Within a long-term drug rehab in Orlando, FL., this usually entails a concerted effort on the part of rehab counselors and proactive treatment clients to deal with any issues within the individual's life that may jeopardize their sobriety and their dreams of a drug free and healthier future. Essential changes in lifestyle will be made and all of these changes will guarantee the person has the best chance at remaining sober.

  • Bridges of America
    2025 Mercey Drive Orlando, FL. 32808
    (407) 521-2541

    Website: www.bridgesofamerica.org

    Bridges of America provides these treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Persons With HIV/AIDS, Drug Rehab for Women, Drug Rehab for Men, Criminal Justice Clients

    Payment Types: Self Pay
  • SAFE Inc
    5607 Hansel Avenue Orlando, FL. 32809
    (407) 812-8680

    Website: www.safeorlando.com

    SAFE Inc provides these treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Day Treatment, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Adolescents

    Payment Types: Self Pay, Private Insurance
  • Lisa Merlin House Inc
    3101 North Pine Hills Road Orlando, FL. 32808
    (407) 292-0109

    Website: www.lisamerlinhouse.com

    Lisa Merlin House Inc provides these treatment services: Substance Abuse Treatment, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Drug Rehab for Women

    Payment Types: Self Pay, Sliding Fee Scale